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Plum, cherry, burgundy, maroon, or whatever you want to call it..Here’s a look at a new trend emerging for AW 2013.
It is everywhere from high end to high street but I think from this collection, high street wins!



This jacket is a little bit different. It is fleecy and warm rather than a nylon and so I can’t wait to make this into a soft pair of sleep shorts. I am going to keep a look out for more of this kind.
I am also trying to buy jackets in bulk from ebay but the order is taking its time.


No it’s a well known fact that I LOVE anything leopard print and so I couldn’t resist this going cheap on
The fabric is really lightweight and so would be easy to recreate something with. Although I might keep it for myself!


Here are the jackets from my new batch of shell suits that I bought online.
This one is a nylon anorak made from the same fabric as shell suits. It is such a great colour with a wide hood and draw cord detailing. I can’t wait to combine the fabric with another to make a great pair or shorts, or a top.


I have recently sold another pair of shorts through my ebay shop. I am very pleased!


Here’s my next pair of shell suit shorts…in progress.