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I found my shell suits….Let the making begin!

I found my shell suits....Let the making begin!

After my recent post about my search for the perfect (and cheapest) shell suit jacket on ebay..and having no such luck, I later found a seller who has plenty in stock, all for under £20.
I contacted her immediately and went on to buy three- all purple, of course!
I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can begin to make my sports shorts to sell.


My search for the perfect shell suit.

As mentioned last week, I am still in the process of finding a mass of shell suits to buy so I can begin my Ten Man tent shell shorts idea. I have not yet had any look although I am contacting somebody who has them. But buying them is taking longer than I’d hoped!





This trend is a vibrant one which could cover every colour and every type of print. There are tonnes of floral prints out there at the moment, including disty print, oriental, graphic and vintage. I love a good floral print but nothing too old fashioned which is why I think the bright colours give it more of a pop and bring the prints bang up to date.
My favourite print by far is the Erdem bold floral because it is so bright but fresh.



This is definitely a wearable trend which can stretch from minimal to romantic and will stretch to next Sprint 2014.
There is a colour to suit every skin which could be salmon pink or barely there cream. It doesn’t have to be too girly or pretty as the streamlined shapes seen on Philip Lim keep it more modern.

Reptile Print…

Reptile Print...

This trend is a bit more out there for Autumn / Winter. Quite punky and grungy…but I love it.
It involves a few darker hues such as navy and grey but I still think it can work in the pastels and metallics, combining two trends. Because the trend is reptile, it can cover anything from mock-croc to snake skin. And as seen with Richard Nicoll, this print can be as subtle as mis placed squares to create the effect.
This is by far my favourite trend although it is probably the least wearable. But it is by far the most daring – So go on…I dare you!

Trend Review Fall 2013 – 14

Trend Review Fall 2013 - 14

As we’re now entering that awkward transitional period between seasons, I have been trying to figure out what to wear and how to stay on trend.
There are tonnes of trends out there at the moment but I have no clue which ones to follow and which ones are wearable.
Here I have collated 4 of my favourite trends for this coming season.
Hope you like…

Royal Blue :
This one is every where at the moment, from designer to high street. It is also the most wearable as it could stretch from block colours to patterns.
I am a big fan of the colour but do not own anything royal blue and so I have gathered these pieces to show you ways you can introduce the colour into your wardrobe easily and subtly.

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