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Pink nylon shorts with matching satin binding.

Time : 2 days (both pairs took 1 day each)

Fabric: Each to work with but the satin binding wouldn’t press flat and had to be tacked.

If I was to make them again: This was the pair with the bigger waistband and so I would re sew the elastic but I ran out of time.

Overview: Even though these are still eye catching, these are the more toned down pair out of the two. I tried to keep with the bright theme but using a bright orange stitch. Perfect for the beach!

Happy Holidays!



Pink shorts with matching binding. Front

Pink shorts with matching binding. Front

Pair: two.
Nylon track suiting in flo pink with matching pink satin binding along the edge and side panels. With an elasticated waistband and orange top stitch throughout.


Here’s pair: one of the nylon track shorts that I made for a friend.
Time to make : 2 days.
Fabric : Easy to work with but the mesh was temperamental because of the stretch.
If I was to alter / make them again: I had problems with the elastic because one pair ended up bigged/wider than the others. They are both stretchy and so will fit.
Overview: I love the colours together and the combination of the trashy fabrics.
I wish I was brave enough to wear them!