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Pink polka dot track shorts

Pink polka dot track shorts


Ditsy Print floral track shorts

Ditsy Print floral track shorts

Outfit Five

Originally Outfit Three, This outfit went through many changes throughout my development, such as a dress, teamed with tailored trousers, or a tee with shorts, before the tent became an anorak and this happened! 

Garment One : Orange 2 man Tent anorak. I had a lot of fun playing with this shape on the stand and the anorak is literally just..a tent. I did not do much to it as the tent door is the jacket opening and the point of the tent is the hood. The jacket zips straight up to the hood so you really can live in it! It is a really playful garment and I love the bright colour. 

Garment Two: Orange raglan sleeve top. This top was made from a scaled up version of outfit one’s shirt so it used twice the fabric. I brought in the contrast colours to give it a fun, if not slightly ‘scally’ edge. I love this fabric because of the shiny stripe which keeps it reminiscent of a football shirt. The shirt also has my surname ‘LOMAS’ engraved onto the back. Finished off with contrast knitted cuffs and a polo collar. 

Garment Three: Contrast Panelled Jogging Bottoms. As with the previous grey joggers, I wanted to create my own take on a classic. These ones are slouchier and comfier with a dropped waistband and flo green draw cord. I reintroduced the football shirt contrast fabrics into the lower leg panels to make them more fun and garish.


Outfit Four

This was the quickest outfit that I made because I had an idea and so I ran with it. No toiling or planning involved! 

Garment One : Collar Tee. For the knitted collars I had to buy in bulk from a supplier and so I had too many left over that I didn’t want to not use them So by sewing them together with a contrast flo green zig zag stitch I created my own striped knitted fabric stitch. I then used the same pattern from my football shirts to create this raglan tee. The fabric was a bit of a nightmare to work with but it gave me this playful garment which I teamed together with track shorts to make into an outfit reminiscent of a school PE kit. 

Garment Two: Football shirt shorts. As with the collars, I had so many football shirts left over that I wanted to use them. I love the bold contrast stripe on these shorts and so I made them into a pair of playful, if slightly garish track shorts for outfit four. Cut from the same pattern as outfit’s one’s orange short, I reused this flo green binding that I love so much to give them an extra burst of colour. 

Outfit Three

This dress was not originally planned to be in the show, it was a last minute replacement for outfit number 5. 

Garment One: Repeating the tent theme, this dress was created in a couple of afternoons from a 4 man tent, bought at last minute. I made it entirely on the stand with no pattern cutting, just draping and shapemaking. I love the depth of the layers and the contrasting panels caused by the original tent. I kept the original zip detailing and the insect netting because the details were so interesting. Accessorized with a pair of trainers and a compass!